About - Karen Davis

Interior Designer Karen Davis is based in Houston, TX. Her Company name "Marker Girl", comes from a time when Karen had that “mommy feeling” that something was up because it was too quiet. Karen walked into her living room and found her daughter doing some decorating of her own, drawing with a black Sharpie on herself and on the furniture! It was a defining moment that changed Karen’s approach to ‘family friendly’ interior design for a ‘Happy Home’.

Richard Davis was bitten with the photography bug at a very young age. His work and love of travel has taken him all over the world and he's journaled those travels in beautiful photographs.

Karen and Richard have decided to marry their passions and join together in the Marker Girl Print Shop. The Print Shop provides an exclusive selection of Richard's images of their travels, curated and re-imagined as Fine Art Photography by Karen, applying her design aesthetic and eye for color to present this timeless collection to the public.

Paris Metro Scene
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